New location

New location

The MPP Solar charge controller log shows a total of 300 kWh of solar energy was harvested at my old address, providing 200 kWh output. The discrepancy might come from the stored electricity I used at 24V battery DC level before the inverter.

Just as I was getting the battery system nicely set up I moved house and had to dismantle it for transport. It’s been sitting as separate components for the last 3 months, and over the Easter long weekend I have re-assembled it to a functioning state.

The MPP Solar charge controller logs the solar generation and the electricity output from the inverter, and apparently I’ve used 200 kWh of my home-harvested off-grid solar energy! I’ve reset this to get a good understanding of how it performs at my new house.

One of the slowest things in my original installation was getting the solar panels up on the roof. This involves fiddling with roofing tiles and maneuvering the panels over awkward roof edges, and planning the process deterred me many times. I now have to attach the panels to a different roof, and I’ve been told it will be trickier because terracotta tiles crack more easily than the cheaper concrete ones. Space on the ground is an exciting upside of our new property, and so I’ve got things up an running with a temporary panel installation at a thoroughly accessible altitude.

Ground mounting is a convenience shortcut for now.

You’ll notice 8 panels in this array, which is more than the 6 panels I bought at the start of this project. This is a second string that I picked up for a bargain over the summer, and I’m testing them before committing the effort to get them on the roof. In fact, I am playing with the idea of making these into a “solar carport” over this section of driveway.

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