Expanding utility

Expanding utility

Although its taken a lot of time to build some of the “infrastructure” of my battery installation, I have been steadily building new packs. With the full 6 solar panels up on my roof now, and a bit more storage capacity in the battery, it was time to make the bottled sunlight do more work.

Three output circuits to expand my off-grid system.

I have installed a small fuse box to make it easier to distribute the 230V AC to different places. The original power point in my bedroom which has been hard-wired to the inverter output is now just one of three distribution circuits. The second one goes to the kitchen, and is now powering the fridge and internet modem/router.

The “Solar Off-Grid” power point in my shed lets me charge my lawnmower from the sun.

The third goes to my basement “shed”. As soon as the battery is large enough to deliver a sustained 1.8kW load, this powerpoint will be used to charge my electric car from the sun! For now, it is useful in that location to charge workshop and garden tools. This is close to where I take the power for the chargers I use in cell testing and characterisation, so I’m also close to being able to run that whole process off-grid. Even these few extra outlet points open up so many exciting new ways to benefit from my solar battery system.

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